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Youcan Recycling believe that saving the Earth shouldn’t cost the Earth. So we have developed a low cost recycling solution for local businesses. Providing this service at a lower cost to your business helps us achieve our goal of helping local businesses grow by reducing costs. We hope that a lower cost solution will also increase recycling participation and therefore reduce waste in our area.

Advantages of using our solutions

Your business will be supporting the employment of individuals with additional support needs

A massive positive influence on your corporate social responsibility (CSR)

Discount to all collection customers on new services as they are developed

A connection with our growing social media

Supporting a local social enterprise instead of a big national business

Free emergency collection

The opportunity to promote your business through our upcoming fundraising events 

A monthly report of your recycling efforts

Access to members community pages and special features

Had a busier than usual week? Well done! Don’t worry about overflowing bins just give us a call for a free emergency collection.


Our custom bins are made from locally recycled wood.

Alongside our regular wheelie bins we have also designed and manufactured custom bins using recycled wood. These bins have a number of advantages over our regular bin range including:

Larger Capacity

Not Unsightly

Less Carbon Footprint

Far Cheaper

We have decided to be transparent with our prices. No more “get in touch for a quote”. However if you have special requests or require a custom service please feel free to Contact Us.

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