What is a social enterprise?

Social Enterprise is an organisation that aims to solve either a Social or Environmental problem. Here at Youcan Recycling we do both.

This is what we are

A good way to describe a Social Enterprise would be a Self Sustaining Charity where the organisation acts as a profit making business but uses the profits to better the community in which it operates.

We decided to set up as a Social Enterprise because we wanted to give back to the community in which we grew up. We decided on the Social Enterprise model as it meant we could be self sufficient and therefore wouldn’t need to rely 100% on grant funding or donations. Our decision to operate as a Social Enterprise allows us to maximise our Social and Environmental impacts without the difficulties of operating as a Charity.


Youcan Recycling is a Social Enterprise Limited by Guarantee 


Social ventures that are constituted as a 'social enterprise limited by guarantee' will reinvest the profits in the company rather than distribute it to the guarantors. The idea is that the company will use the profits to grow the enterprise and increase its social impact.

Therefore the Board Of Directors will not “get rich” from the success of Youcan Recycling. We operate this Social Enterprise to make a difference in our community. The success of Youcan Recycling will ensure the provision of paid employment opportunities for individuals with additional support needs to increase social inclusion and a low cost recycling service to encourage the recycling participation rates of businesses and residents in Tayside.



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